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company news about Light therapy near me

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Light therapy near me
Latest company news about Light therapy near me

Light therapy near me

The application of light in life is very extensive, the newborn baby through the irradiation of blue light to treat jaundice; Hard-trained athletes shine red light to relieve muscle soreness; The restaurant uses violet light to sterilize. The following conversation with experts on the use of light will help deepen our understanding of how light can be used in our lives.


Antonio is a very professional doctor who has been running two cancer treatment centers in Mexico for 30 years

L:Have you heard of photosensitizer therapy, Tony? This may sound familiar to you?

T:We use photo sensitizers with our devices…. Watches, pads, etc

L: Recently, I learned from my friends that red light can treat mold toxicity and brain atrophy, may I ask you what's your opinion on the treatment of mold by red light?

T:Hi there Lily...i don't doubt that red light can kill mold.... However I didn't have clinical evidence...i will have my team look for possible publications in the medical literature. Re brain atrophy, of course it depends on degree and location , however again my thought is that red light can have good effects on brain health.

L:I agree that red light is a healthy influence on the brain. Because scientific experiments have proved that near infrared can penetrate the human skull, and can play a role in promoting blood circulation and providing cell energy. Could you know the effect of your customer after using it? If there are patients with similar brain function impairments...

T:This is true..... We could write a questionnaire fort patients to fill out re perceived benefits of red light via helmet to get objective information...


Roger is a person with deep knowledge of optics. His understanding of light often amazes me.

R:Do u know that if u use red light before u go to the beach u do not get sunburn or pigmentation ?


L:do you know the NADH?

R:NAD and NADH are electron and proton carriers in complex 1 of the mitochondria

Oxygen oxidises NADH to NAD+ which is why oxygen is key to brain function

Red light cleaves the hydrogen and covalent bonds that hold the water molecule together

L:Yes, some of the brain mechanisms that are damaged are due to insufficient oxygen levels in the brain, which can lead to things like depression, insomnia, anxiety, and memory loss

R:The challenge with Red light is education as most think it is science fiction.So one of the main benefits of RLT is to increase oxygen availability to mitochondria

R:Last week I lent my first pad to someone who had an extreme reaction to Covid vacine which resulted in a ulcer due to overdosing on pain Medication. He reported an immediate reduction in pain and sees great opportunity for RlT here but he does not understand the modality of RLT which is not thermogenesis. The basis of Rlt is to increase ATP,NO and melatonin and reduce Inflammation by changing the cell phenotype from.M1 to M2. According to Prof R Hambln of Harvard Medical School everybody alive should have a RLT device

The challenge is education


From the above two talks, we know that in the medical field, doctors also use light and photosensitizer to improve the therapeutic effect when treating patients.Near infrared light penetrates the human skull and increases the activity of the brain's epidermal cells, providing energy for the cells' mitochondria. In the field of life, the irradiation of red light can prevent sunburn and skin allergy. Through red light irradiation to promote blood circulation, improve human immunity, effectively play an auxiliary role in COVID-19 treatment.Red light therapy has so many benefits and no side effects that everyone should experience the red light.


In this experiment, you can see that wearing the suyzeko 810nm helmet significantly increased NADH levels in the brain. NADH is a measure of blood oxygen levels in the brain. Research shows that low levels of blood oxygen in the brain affect the nervous system. Please contact Lily (,WhatsApp:+86 17724647782) to learn more about phototherapy products knowledge and scientific experiments on brain phototherapy

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